Birthday weekend

September 12, 2011

Like I said, I'm not big on birthdays, but last weekend was made amazing by some really amazing men in my life. However low key it might've been to some, it was more attention than I hoped for.

Saturday: Korean BBQ, cocktails, free dessert and lemoncello at a booji Upper West spot, The Tenant and gay dancing with Beau.

Sunday: Dim Sum brunch with Beau and an all-day beer fest with dudes at Tom & Jerry's, Spitzer's Corner, and Max Fish where Spiderman's friend overheard it was my" 21st birthday" and bought me tequila. The boys signed me up for Instagram so we had an Instragram party. I haven't used it since. The night ended with cheeseburgers and a movie with a painfully good-looking boy.

Monday: Brunch at Veselka with a rose from Ellen the waitress, surprise flowers when I got home from Beau, and more surprises for dinner. The latter surprise was too much for me to handle. I may have cried when one of the surprisers left to go to the bathroom. It wasn't even anything huge.. just the fact that these two people coordinated something for me, behind my back, was.. ugh. I am undeserving.