September 09, 2011

New York, NY. September 2011. Too much beer.
Fashion Week has begun, which hopefully means heavy intoxication, sore feet, and bad decisions.

- - -

Dress the Part: Reality Bites.

Ben Sherman + Dazed & Confused: Englishman in New York

University of Maryland's ugly uniforms (but I kind of like it).

10 years after 9/11.

Four actresses on the rise you should know.

How South Korea is dealing with the suicide issue.

The Coolest ad campaign for Boardwalk Empire's new season.

Mall of America's racial profiling.

Sun Fei Fei for Vogue China.

Confessions of a Sriracha addict.

Das Racist video for "Michael Jackson". I mean..

Fashion's Night Out video.

Football season has officially begun!!! But. Peyton might be out :( Husband is breaking.

- - -

I didn't know I had intimacy issues until Beau said so the other day. I also have don't-like-to-feel issues. So when my emotions start rolling, I instantly go into push-away-whatever-is-making-me-this-way mode whether it is completely ignoring the problem at hand or being an asshole to the "problem". I attribute it to my attitude of not needing or relying on anyone. Too often have I been disappointed/let down by other people. That instant flip-flop between Happy and Sad is not something I enjoy. The only way to never be let down is to not count on anyone but yourself. Beau and I were standing in the kitchen eating tater-tots the other night and he says, "Aww you're so cute when you're vulnerable." Fuck. That.

Thanks, but no thanks.

Have a great weekend folks.