Party Recap

June 13, 2009

Jay, the Oakley guy, was kind enough to bring the shop 10 bottles of Grey Goose. The Dude got wasted at 4pm.

Deer Matt riding the Dude's bike, the Dude riding my bike.

Dan and I cleaned the shop too, but he REALLY cleaned it. The shop looked amazing.

We usually get Redbull girls to bartend, but Redbull didn't send their people over so I bartended instead. I made some pretty good loot in tips. I do take the blame for getting my friends completely hammered (along with getting complete strangers extra wasted). There were tonns of people inside and outside at one point. Loved it.

I didn't take any pictures of the real party at Sonar party, that went pretty well. Lots of hipster little kids showed up, but it was a good time with the homies.

We went to Yakitori for some latenight foodage. Dan was really happy :)

Chris and the Dude having some realtalk.

Pardon my hair in front of the camera.

All in all, great night. Feet hurt, but good night.