My Two Cents

June 25, 2009

So everyone is super bummed that he passed away like they knew him, but rather than sulking over his death, let us celebrate the amazing things he's created over the last 40 years (maybe 30.. since the last few years don't count). This is where we take a trip down a personal memory lane.

I will continue to sing Man in the Mirror on trips to Northern California with Karen and do the best Michael Jackson squeal you have ever heard. I will forever remember choreographing a lipsync to Billie Jean my sophomore year in high school and I take full credit of jump starting Anthony's dancing career. I mean, the memories are endless.. so here we celebrate. We listen and sing louder. We dance harder.

I guess it's hard not to be upset because it's such a huge part of most people's childhood. I mean, I grew up dancing and trying to mimic his moves. But we didn't know him personally, so one can only feel so much sorrow. I guess now it's time to thoroughly embrace the legacy that is Michael Jackson.

It's interesting to think all Michael Jackson memorabilia is going to go up in $$$.

Rest peacefully, for we all probably fell in love with you at some point.