June 07, 2009

What do I have for you today. I was supposed to go to Ocean City, but that was postponed. Instead, I road the cycle with The Dude and his out-of-towners. First, I stopped by Gentei to watch Oliver raffle off the third and final Yeezy colorway. Two guys dressed in their finest went out with seven pairs of shoes! That's $1750+ spent on shoes (at $250 each), only to have them ebayed for $700 or more! It's outrageous how crazy people are about these shoes.

Riding was fun. We spent the first couple hours at Carroll Park, but that was nice. I did a good deal of pedaling though, going from uptown, to the far side of the harbor downtown, then west to Carroll Park, then back uptown. Not to mention a bunch of going back and forth. It was nice though. The weather was a bit hot, but nice compared to the coming days.

I made some peanut noodlez that I've been munching on for the past two days that have sadly disappeared this evening. I've been meaning to make chocolate chocolate cookies for someone in Canada that I haven't gotten around to. I'd also like to make chocolate chocolate oatmeal cookies for The Dude and I. Dark chocolate should be a sin.

I've completed my couch project and am thrilled. Now, it's time to warm up to a cup of herbal tea and watch a James Bond movie. Tomorrow, I think I will make "chicken" cacciatore (or tofu cacciatore, depending on what I have) and watch Paris, je t'aime. It is the end of one week and the beginning of another. Can you believe it's already June?

Also, for the lurkers out there. What do you think my voice sounds like? Hmm.