Chill out

March 23, 2010

People that untag themselves in photos need to chill out. Whether it's of you struggling to keep yourself up and looking ridiculous from the night before or embarassing elementary school pictures of you, no one cares that much about you and neither should you.

If you don't want the photos from you being completely wasted the night before to go up, then don't get so sloppy. And if they go up, own it. You did that shit. Who're you trying to impress? The guy you made-out with that night? Because I think he got a first-hand look.

I put a bunch of throwback pictures up of people from junior high and high school and SO many people untagged themselves. The point was for people who just met you in college to see younger pictures of you. Personally, I thought it'd be cute and funny (not in a malicious way at all) but apparently everyone got extra sensitive and insecure. I guess people don't want a trip down memory lane or are embarassed of that trip? It's so cowardly and that is taking life a little too seriously.

I don't know, maybe I don't "get" Facebook and untagging yourself is protocol.