March 24, 2010

I went to California for two things: To see my family, and to get my heart tested. I got a stress echo, which means I get an ultrasound of my heart while I'm at rest, then I run on a treadmill 'til I'm about to die and lie down on a bed while I get another ultrasound. Basically, to see if there are any differences in my heart when I do any physical activity.

The verdict: My heart is structurally healthy and I am pretty darn healthy. What else is new? The doctor's keep saying I'm perfectly healthy but there is definitely something going on. So now I need to wear this:

A holter monitor or an ambulatory electrocardiography device. Mine is not as complicated as this guy's (though I might be just as hairy), but nevertheless, I have to wear this 24/7 for four weeks. I will post pictures of what mine looks like and what the gadgets look like that are connected to it next week or something.

Natalie is really excited about me wearing a holter, mostly because of this Curb Your Enthusiasm episode. I plan on pulling many stunts like this one.