Don't piss on my door

March 04, 2010

My apartment has two entrances. One is through the building's front door, and then I have my own private entrance that goes straight to my bedroom that is right on the street. It's hard to explain, but just know that I have had Jehovah's witnesses come to that private door.

So, I'm folding laundry one morning in my bedroom, right by the door and I hear some sort of.. noise. A rubbing, as if someone was caressing the door. I listened and didn't hear any other kind of noise so I thought it was just the wind, since it's been ridiculously windy lately. Then. I hear the trickling of water. Disgustabugs.

I bang on the door and the peeing stops, she tries to finish but I bang on the door again. "Alright.. alright.. I'm leaving.." Disgustabugs! If anyone were to walk on the sidewalk, you would be able to see her pee.