June 24, 2011

What a nice girl

I'm really proud of my Britney Appreciation Week. I thought it'd be difficult to narrow down four performances and four photos of her, but because I've grown up with her for the last decade, finding my favorites was just a matter of me actually looking on the internet and trying to find them (which wasn't easy!). I remember so clearly being stoked on that Toxic performance and studying her SNL performance. I still have the W issue with her on the cover. Her new video dropped this week and even though it's the worst video I've ever seen, I remembered why I will always love her: She makes a solid Half Baked reference.

- - -

Advice: Don't wear a big, baggy top because you think it hides more.

Pride hits New York this weekend.

The trainwreck that is Amy Winehouse.

Mother killed her baby in a microwave.

The Biebs on Letterman.

Joe Manganiello hits the gym [drool].

Rachel being pretty.

- - -

I saw the first three episodes of the new season of True Blood that starts this Sunday. I can already tell we're in for an exciting season!

I wish I could tell you guys everything that happens in my life because sometimes it is just too crazy.

Westside 'til I die
Have a nice weekend.