Have a nice weekend

June 03, 2011

I started watching True Blood last week and I'm already on Season 3. Part of my "job" is to be up-to-date with these sorts of things. After this weekend a few months ago, everyone was shocked that I didn't watch the show and now I'm watching all sorts of things.

Last weekend, Beau and I saw Bridesmaids and Tree of Life. The latter was amazing and beyond words. At times it was difficult to watch, the way Matthew Barney's films are difficult to watch--because you have no idea what the hell is going on. Though, Terrence Malick did a wonderful job, as did all of the actors. It was seriously amazing.

Things from around the interweb:

Brad Pitt talks about his family for the first time since 2007.

Chris Brown gives a girl a dirty lapdance.

An entire family of four goes missing in LA.

Shaq announces his retirement.

Raising a genderless child.

Sometimes, there are things that I can't believe exist/loathe that I want to draw attention to, but don't because I feel that if I do so, it will feed the fire in its pathetic popularity. I'm hoping that this action will make things like Rebecca Black (for example) go away.

Where can I find a slip? You know, a slip dress. The stuff women used to wear under their dresses/skirts. I have a cream vintage dress that requires a full slip and I am aching to wear it. You'd think Victoria's Secret would have them butttttt you thought wrong.

Love you.