My parents are hilarious. Especially my mom

July 21, 2009

The other day, my brother and I came downstairs to my dad twirling my mom and her going, "whoaAa WhoaAa" because she was wearing a twirlable dress. Then, me and my brother were on one couch and my mom came to sit down on the other and sees a quarter and goes, "[GASP!] A quarter~". Now, my mom and my dad were sitting on the love seat eating these mini Haggen Dazs ice creams. My dad had vanilla and she had strawberry and my dad asked if he could try some. "No!" "Why not? I'll give you some of mine." "No! I don't like vanilla." "Then just give me some of yours!" "Noo! There's only strawberries left. It's a gold mine!"

Oh Candy.

And did I mention that she got the Anna Wintour bob that I don't have the balls to get?