San Francisco weekend with RJ and Nick

July 27, 2009

Nick and I put together a spur-of-the-moment trip to San Francisco to visit RJ. Since he's not coming down to the South side of the state while I'm here, I thought I'd pay him a visit. The drives to and from SF were nice. Nick and I just listened to music that we used to listen to in high school and talked about life and love.

I wasn't at all interestd in doing anything special or anything "San Francisco". I just wanted to hang out with my dudes that I don't get to see often enough. We spent Saturday walking around the park and watching the Redbull Manny Mania that a couple of RJ's friends were skating in. Nick, RJ, and RJ's friend "Nigga John" smoked a bleezy in the park and Nick was stoked. Reefers was everywhere and no one cared at all. We sat on Hippie Hill for a good while and I got a tiny bit sunburned around my glasses.

I was not prepared for how cold it was this weekend. The fog was heavy and the only time I was warm was when the sun was peeking through the clouds.

RJ was really stoked on the little kittens that were hanging out with the crusty kids and I bought seven sticks of incense for a dollar from the coolest dude at the park.

Saturday night we made tacos for dinner, family style. It was awesome cooking good food side by side with the homies while dancing and singing to Mars Volta and Rx Bandits. The guys had two different kinds of chicken and I made skrimp. We made guacamole, rice and beans, veggies, and bought the tastiest tortillas from a market down the street. I think we spent the rest of the night in the kitchen, watching old YouTube videos of Rage Against the Machine playing at Cal State Fullerton, scene kids singing over scene music and recording themselves, not knowing how ridiculous they look or how embarassing it is, and music videos from what the kids seem to be listening to nowadays that I can't believe exists.

Nick and I left EARLY the next morning because we both had obligations in the afternoon. I did both drives by myself, which I didn't mind at all, but it was pretty rough the last hour or two.

All in all, it was a quick trip but our time was well spent. I miss you already Arj.