Planet Earth

July 21, 2009

My brother and I got my dad the Planet Earth DVDs for his birthday in January, but I've only gotten around to watching the first DVD. I thought about taking the DVDs back to Baltimore with me, but I would much rather watch it on Blu-Ray on a 48".

I have this strange distaste for sea creatures. I think they're beautiful, but I can't stand being in the same water as them (thus the reason I haven't been in the ocean, or any other natural body of water, in almost 10 years). Even when I went to Hawaii in 8th grade, I was screaming in my storkeling gear when swimming with the fish and turtles. I don't think I'm afraid of them, I just feel weird around them. The manner in which they exist bothers me.. I don't know.

My point is that I was amazed at some of the patterns on the whales and other sea creatures, that I was instantly inspired. I haven't painted in a couple months and am fiending for some paints. I'm tempted to go out and buy everything here and keep a set of paints at my parents house. I don't know why I don't already, I'm here often enough.

The video above is a "vampire octopus" that was scaring the shit out of me on the DVD. This video does not do justice to how that thing moves and the colors it exudes when the submarines lights turn off. It's outrageous.