Cancer, cancer, go away. Don't come again some other day

August 17, 2009

My maternal grandmother (the only grandparent I have left) has been smoking for over 60 years and thus far, no lung cancer. She wasn't feeling well a couple weeks ago and went to the hospital to get checked up. After many tests, Hi Cancer! What I don't understand is why it's showing up now in stage four. She gets a thorough check up every year, how could they not have seen it?

Anyways. She's been moved from the hospital to a rehabilitation center where she'll be getting radiation. My grandmother thinks that because she's been moved out of the hospital that she's getting better, but that's not the case at all. But I honestly think she'll yell at the cancer to go away and it might just because the cancer wouldn't want to deal with my grandmother's wrath.

I went to visit her at the rehabilitation home today and we show up to her going backwards in her wheelchair, trying to get out of the door. Me and my brother were cracking up because my mom went up behind her and was like, "Where are you going?" haha and my brother just goes, "What? Um.. no where.." She sticks out like a sore thumb there because she was in an American Apparel-esque outfit with bright blue sweat pants and a bright yellow hoodie. She had her hair done up with a huge sparkly pin in it, her nails were done in a sparkly blue and she had put some make up on. Not to mention her permanent eyebrows.

The whole time, we're joking around while she's ordering someone to bring her a newspaper. A male nurse kept coming in and knocking on the door before entering, though the door was wide open, to help one of my grandmother's roomates. When he'd walk by her, she'd hit him and say, "Don't knock!" haha but he kept doing it and she kept hitting him.

We all walked out to the courtyard and my dad was pushing my grandma. She asked him to take him out of the gate into the parking lot so she could smoke a cigarette. Now, I know what you're thinking: "She has lung cancer and she's still smoking??" There's no point in quitting because she's not going to get any better, so says the doctor. When she came back she said, "Ahh there's nothing like smoking behind a car. It makes me feel young again. Happiness is not very far away."

When she came back, her cigarettes were sticking out of her hoodie pocket and I was like, "Hey! What is that?!" and she looked down "Oh!" and quickly shoved them in furthur.

My family is REALLY funny. I think the Dude definitely got to experience that on Sunday.