I thought I knew you so well

August 05, 2009

I somehow managed VIP tickets to No Doubt tonight (fo free). I took Nick and it was absolutely amazing. Perfect. The Sounds and Katy Perry opened up for them, but luckily Nick and I got there right when the "I kissed a girl" song started so by the time we were inside, she was outta thur. The Dude doesn't understand why I like No Doubt, but growing up in Orange County in the 90's and 00's, no one, no matter what kind of music you listened to, did not listen to No Doubt.

Gwen Stefani is amazing and absolutely flawless. That's what you sound like after doing this shit for 15+ years. I told Nick that I am going to have Gwen Stefani's body by the end of the year, because if she can look like THAT after two kids, so can I. I don't think there are any pictures floating on the interwebz of her current stomach. I've never seen it like that. Holy moly. It was almost frightening.

Anyways, we were stoked because this is probably the last chance we'll ever get to see 'em. How about this.