Message from The Dude

August 05, 2009


... you need to start picking up your fucking trash. Actually not even just YOUR trash, any trash you see. I'm getting really sick of doing it for you.

Also, a week ago I left a big bin of old parts out there for people to take for free, and when I go out there today pretty much everything is gone except two seats and two brake levers. That's great, except the two brake levers are sticking halfway out of the dirt next to the bin. You really couldn't even put them back in the bin?

Seriously, I let anyone ride it at any time, and its so disrespectful to come into my yard when I'm not there and just throw fucking trash on the ground. What's crazy is some of you have even been hiding it behind the ramp.

You kids need to learn some fucking respect and manners."

For really real. And the little dummies are smoking the reefers on the ramp, too. Then the Mommy comes out and asks them nicely not to smoke the reefers, so they go out into the court in front of ALL of the neighbors instead. The younger generation is so dumb. IN TOO MANY WAYS. Really? The Dude's married to the X. You don't go into Hitler's house talking about how much you love Jews, just like you don't shred the Dude's ramp and smoke the reefers. Haha!

At the same time, it's definitely a cultural thing. White folk don't know how to teach their kids respect or manners (most). For some reason, it seems to me that "minorities" carry an unwritten amount of respect for certain aspects in life. I can't explain it, and you can't explain it. It's something you grow up with. It's something you're taught. I mean, I'm as white as the white person next to me, and it's not a white, black, yellow, purple, blue thing. What, I can't say WHITE person? But the colored peoples have a stronger sense of culture, a stronger sense of family, and a stronger sense of respect (for the most part, in my opinion). It's like the Russell Peter's stand up (3:30), but I also think Russell Peter's stand up is funnier for minorities. Ahh I can't get into this right now.

It's a weird thing that most of you will never, ever understand.


It's 1:30 am.. I apologize if there are any run-on sentences or too much of my mind spoken. I'm just typing..