August 06, 2009

-Woke up early to go to the DMV, but got a call from Jeff asking me to take Bella to the vet. Took her, saw the doc put a thermometer up her bootyhole, all is well. Played with her for half an hour before heading out. Babies are adorable.

-When I arrived at the DMV, I was number G164. They were on G103. So I went to Kimmie's and had breakfast with The LA Times.

-DMV, check.

-Went to Banana Republic to return something for Daddy but was unsuccessful.

-Then went to Victoria's Secret and ended up spending an hour and $240 in there. I was having a hard time finding a bra, but with the help of a Vicky's professional, I discovered that I went down a size and up a cup size. Holy moly. Where am I going? I got funny panties for the Dude. Well, not FOR the Dude, but for him. Ew, stop.

-Made stuffed shells for dinner, but midway through the preparation I discovered that only my mother was coming home for dinner. So I have enough turkey and artichoke stuffed shells to feed 8 people, just sitting in the fridge.

-Finished my "bling" project, which just means I've been decking out my phone case. It's too much for anyone to handle.

-Now I'm watching Tomorrow Never Dies with the Dude. One of our favs.

I hope everyone has a wonderful week. So far so good, don't you agree?