Diamonds are best friends for girls like you

August 07, 2009

Whether you like the music or not, there's no doubting that they're going to be big. I don't know who's going to dig them, but it's going to happen. The dudes played at Hogue's last night. Being there was such a trip. The last time I was there was probably sophomore or junior year in high school. It looked exactly the same.

I miss and love Nick too much. We went to the studio after the show last night to listen to some of the tracks that were finished and Marco started freestyling. I was surprised at how good he is. I was surprised the whole night. Everyone got drunk so I had to drive Marco's car back to our area and we got to chatting. He said, "you are Nick are like best friends huh" and I guess we are? One of many, but we are.