Bad dreams

June 18, 2010

Holy moly, last night was rough. I woke up 1:45am to a crazy dream that was quite upsetting, but I shook it off and went back to bed. Then I woke up at 2:45am to a dream about my dad doing something that I cannot repeat, and my brother being dead (again). The dream was so strange and the happenings didn't make sense, but the idea was that Mikey was dead and I was crying. I woke up and called The Dude, but he was fast asleep so I called Mikey, who is at his Grad Night at Disneyland. I called twice and he didn't pick up and it made me worry. Instead of worrying 'til 6am when he gets home, I forced myself to sleep. Dream number 2,093 of the night was also too vivid and too loco. Some really weird stuff happened in the beginning, but later I was at my husbands house/fancy hostel who was dealing with some gangster shit. Jeez, I can't even retell it because it didn't make any sense. My son and I were supposed to be executed in the back of our driver's car while we were supposed to be whisked to safety, but we inserted these foam things into our heads that made the bullet not kill us. So we were shot in the head and bled, but we didn't die. There was hiding under a bed. There was a son who was used to these things and was almost a pro at hiding and being shot in the head. I don't know. I woke up at 6:30 and called Mikey, who is alive and on his way home. Good morning.