On a personal note

June 26, 2010

I've been uber sick this entire week. Influenza perhaps. It's so strange being sick during the summer. I'm also incredibly behind in my ceramics class because I've been sick. I've been going to class, but I just haven't been working.. which means I just sit there and eat my packed lunch. Surf the interweb. Read a little.

I was hoping to go up to New York this weekend and celebrate Pride with Beau, but Oliver went camping so I had to take care of Little Dude.

Mikey's trip to Baltimore has officially been planned and he's going to be here for almost 2 weeks! I'm hoping this trip is a little more exciting, since a lot of things DIDN'T happen when he was here last summer.

Things I've been cooking lately (all homemade, of course):
Tomato soup & grilled cheese
Vegetable and tofu spring rolls with peanut dipping sauce
Eggplant parmesan

The tomato soup is REALLY good. I made a gigantic batch to last me the entire week and it's the perfect meal.

Yesterday The Dude and I drove to Mt. Airy to see his bff4eva's band play, who is also in this band. We're trying to get Benzee to come on the adventure with us next weekend. [Keeping fingers crossed!]

What're you doing for Independence Day weekend? I am going on an adventure with The Dude.. maybe.