Man down

June 13, 2010

The Dude was shredding in Brooklyn yesterday and his crank arm broke while he was doing a wallride which made his foot go *boom* on the ground and bruised/sprained his foot. It's nothing serious, but we took a bus ride to Baltimore and went to the emergency room 9 hours later. He's out for a week or two, thank heavens that's all though.

I'm back in Baltimore and it is humid as all hell. I think Baltimore would be more tolerable if it weren't humid. I can do a 95 degree day, just not the I-can't-breathe part. I had today to rest and I'm up to start a summer class tomorrow.

I already miss New York and all that it has to offer my soul. The excitement winds down while I lay low here. At least I have a kitchen and all of my gadgets.