June 01, 2010

Exit Louise Bourgeois and enter Marina Abramovic. Louise Bourgeouis passed away yesterday at 98 and Marina Abromovic completed the Artist is Present performance at MoMA. I'm thrilled I got a chance to see the huge survey/retrospective of Louise Bourgeois' work last year at the Hirschorn and I am ecstatic I got a chance to witness Marina Abromovic's performance last week. Tomato, tomato.

Now we wait for the aftermath. I wonder how Marina's piece will settle out since the politics were such a huge issue. I just found out that she and Ulay broke up because of Marina's quest for fame. Givenchy is throwing her a party today. James Franco was supposed to go to MICA.

Sally sold seashells by the sea shore.

The Great Wall piece is still too beautiful for me to handle.

And I would like to purchase a Louise Bourgeois birdcage.

People seem to be falling out of love with Marina, which is such a shame. I think she's been getting botox. I will keep you posted.