Memorial Day weekend

June 01, 2010

Not much to note other than the fact that I played the lumpkin and did nothing on Saturday, other than watch Cremaster 1 & 2 at the IFC. I walked around the Village for a bit then went straight to the aye-pee-tee and watched Weeds all day. I was just exhausted from the day before and did not want to budge.

Kell was in town so we got some brunch in the Village on Sunday. Anne Hathaway was sitting at the table next to us and was making out with her boyfriend the entire time. Hung out with Kell and Megan in the afternoon and spent the rest of the evening with Jenae and Sara in Central Park. Four hours of sun bathing and we were pooped. We spent the rest of the night huddled around the dining table (all of us) and ate Starburst and talked about everything under the sun.

Today was a studio day. Whitney invited me to go to Coney Island but I had to had to get some work done. Ginny and I took a nap somewhere in the day and I decided I needed Korean food BAD so Jenae and I hit Koreatown.

I feel like ;lskdjfoiwecmzxasdf!