My review

June 09, 2010

You know how I feel about Lady Gaga, but I discuss it over and over because I want people to make me understand her because I might be seeing it wrong. The best critique I've gotten so far was from Sara, who said the reason Gaga is so amazing is because she bridges performance art and popular music. But I honestly don't believe that she achieves the "performance" aspect. Take Matthew Barney, who is essentially a sculptor, who shows his work and performance through his films. Lady Gaga, the persona, is an on-going performance, I get it. But when she makes a big deal about these videos, the latest being SO incredibly homoerotically cliche!, it makes me more confused.

The new video is received as a gigantic homage to Madonna and Cabaret. We all see that. But saying that it is for all of the gay men in her life whom she loves is an act. I feel like highlighting homosexuality constantly is her means to glorify this taboo which in turn makes her "edgy." Maybe it's because I've become jaded about gay culture. I think jaded is the wrong word and maybe popular media and culture needs to be reminded that The Gays still exist. I just think it's an old subject and isn't pushing anything new.

Then. Presenting gay love as this dark, leathery, latexy, S&M-y thing continues to bring in this negative stereotype that has existed since the 60s about gay love and gay sex. Not all gays enjoy S&M, though that's what soo many people thought about gay culture. It's not to say that S&M doesn't exist in the gay community, but if she's presenting her admiration and love for her gay friends, I think empowering them in a completely non-stereotypical way would have been so much more sincere.

Though, in writing this I'm wondering whether that's the point?

I don't know man. I'll say it again, I would appreciate her more if she made a mockery of her success. If the whole point of this over-the-top performance was to make over-the-top moneys. Making a mockery of the fact that she gets paid to do this. There's something about the overzealous seriousness that irks me. Maybe it's because I think life ain't so serious, even in the things you love and do. I GET that it's supposed to be an on-going performance piece, I get it. I get she claims to be a performance artist.. I just don't understand where the performance aspect is. Because it is no different than Bjork and her amazing videos (who identifies herself as a musical artist and singer first and foremost). It's no different than Madonna and everything she's brought to the table. It's no different than Bowie and the sex-pushing gender-pushing role he played. It's no different than Britney Spears in a red leather jumper.