Let's get something straight

August 15, 2011

I'm a relatively modest girl and tend to lean toward the classy side of things. It doesn't mean I don't know how to get sloppy. Case and point:

Elderflower liqueur with Prosecco on a Monday night, followed by two giant pours of white wine because your waitress likes you like that. I might have her number in one of my short pockets. We are also not leaving out knocking down half a dozen orange cones just because you feel like it, where I was later scolded by a neighborhood sketchball whom I charmed into talking to me from his car. There also might've been some Spanish talking to the bodega dude about a rose he had to give me. Let's also add some lewd behavior that I am mortified by.

I attribute it to an empty stomach and being really nervous about the company I was in. Whatever the excuse, don't think for one second that I'm the person I portray on this self-important website. I wear white t's and gold bamboo hoop earrings when no one is looking. I am capable of doing awful, selfish things to someone I care about. The list goes on.

I am human. Maybe.