August 23, 2011

I've been in love with Anderson Cooper since I was 16 years old. In love. And after I read Dispatches from the Edge in 2006, the obsession continued. How could a man so sexy be so well-informed whilst entertaining himself with pop-culture? How could a man who cares so much about human life also admit to having Rebecca Black stuck in his head? How could a man who has seen so much of the world have a giggle fit (video above) and say, "Sorry this has never happened to me. This is the sort of thing you see on YouTube, and you never think this could happen to you."

You might think that I am admitting to a schoolgirl-type crush.. but no. It's stalker-obsessed-crazy-lady-smell-your-dirty-laundry-hide-in-your-closet-wait-outside-your-Greenwich-Village-firehouse-stand-outside-the-CNN-studio-have-a-sex-change-to-date-you-type crush. Well, not really, but if I was capable of that, that's what I'd be.

My best friend NATALIE showed me this link. Sometimes, I refer to her as "Nord".