I'm not afraid to die

August 16, 2011

Jeff Buckley taught me how to feel.

If my adolescence had a soundtrack, Jeff Buckley would definitely have a few tracks on it. Or it might just be Grace in its entirety. Penn Badgley is going to play Jeff Buckley in a biopic coming out next year. I hope they film in this neighborhood and not in a studio in Queens.

I think I'm pretty selfish when it comes to Jeff Buckley. I felt that it was just me and him for so many years. But he definitely deserves to be a proper legend.

Edit: So there are three Jeff Buckley films coming out, including a Jeff Buckley played by Reeve Carney, which makes me really excited because a Penn Badgley Jeff Buckley sounds awful. Apparently the Penn Badgley film doesn't have permission from the Jeff Buckley "estate" (so they can't call him "Jeff Buckley" or use original songs), whereas the Reeve Carney film is backed by the family. Yay.