All dressed up with no where to go

August 08, 2011

Me and this dude planned to hang out on a Saturday night. 9:30p rolls around and I see what's up with him. He's still in LA. I say that it's cool if he can't make it back in time to play. No biggie. He suggests the following day, on his birthday. A couple weeks before I told him I'd make him his favorite cake for his birthday. I spent most of Sunday making The Most Complicated German Chocolate Cake I have ever come across.

9:30p rolls around and he hollers at me. He's still in LA and, again, I tell him it's no big deal if he can't play. He says he's going to leave now but wants to go home and shower and shit. 11:00p and he just got out of the shower. 15 minutes into the after-shower conversation he hits me with, "Yo, I hate to be the dude that cancels twice, but can we postpone hanging out until tomorrow?"

At this point, I'm all dressed up with no where to go with a damn cake, feeling like a damn fool.

It's not the being-stood-up part that I'm upset about. My self-esteem can definitely handle that. It's the part where I'm only home for 9 days and two nights were spent waiting for this sucker instead of playing with the homies. I don't even like him like that. He's always complaining about there not being any girls in this town and his lack of booty so I thought I'd hang out with him to relieve that? Because I'm a nice person? I don't know. I expressed my disappointment and the "only home for 9 days, waiting two nights" thing to him and the chump doesn't even respond. Way to be a man.

Sooo.. I ate the cake. Smiley