Momma pt.2

November 17, 2009

I was talking to my mother the other day and expressing how exhausted I've been with all of my school work. I told her that all of the upcoming assignments/papers/final pieces are going to kill me. She then said that she has never heard of school killing anyone. Not once. Drugs, yes. Car accidents, yes. Alcohol, yes. People, yes. But she has never heard of school killing someone.

It was a really clarifying moment because amidst all of my struggle and stress and fatigue in these upcoming weeks, I am going to be fine. And I forgot that for a moment. I can't seem to see through the fog but I know I will get through it and reach the other side.

My mother has always had the "You'll be fine," attitude with me and sometimes I just want to be like, "NO I WON'T! I'M DYING. I'M HURTING." but I'm fine now. So in these moments of I'M DYING I'M HURTING, it's easy.. no. easier, for me to step back and say, no you're not.

"This, too, shall pass."