New friends

November 06, 2009

It has been a while since I have obtained a new friend. I was thinking about this person last night and, in a sense, seems as though a paradigmatic shift has taken place/is taking place. And it's interesting to witness it and be conscious of it. I think there is an underlying, systematic thought process in our day-to-day. Class, food, see this person, talk to this person.. and now this new (and reoccurring) person has arrived and the system has changed. At once where your subconscious is aware of the people IN your life, now it is including this new factor and the course of your life has changed from where it once was. Whether it be major or minor, it has.. in the sense that new opportunities and new conversations WILL take place; opportunities and conversations that would never be feasible without this paradigm shift. "The way things are" are now "the way things were".

I don't know.. it's just weird dissecting it and I guess.. watching it happen.