Photobooth in the mornings before school. Morning face!

November 19, 2009

I think I took these last week when it was really cold out. Turtlenecks are my jam and girlies need to get into the houndstooth. I was always shy about wearing my houndstooth jacket thing in high school because it seemed too bold/loud, but now I don't give a shit. Now my houndstooth collection is endless. And turtlenecks. Thank G for four seasons out here.

Remember when shemaghs were super in for ONE season maybe winter '06? I was just thinking about how some of the guys that come into the shop with their red skinny jeans and graphic t's love shemaghs. I don't think they're very pretty unless worn properly around your head accessorized with an AK-47. No really, I think they're beautiful around a head, just not loosely on one's neck. How did I get here? Oh yeah because I wanted to show you the only scarf that matters in the world. But I won't.

I look like a bitch in these photos but I swear I'm not. In high school, people always thought I was a bitch because of the way I held my face. Does that make sense? I guess I don't really walk around with a smile or with an approachable attitude. I remember senior year of high school, my friend Eunice revealed that she was scared of me most of high school because she thought I was scary/intimidating and I used to get that ALL the time. People are always shocked at how not-bitchy I am. HAHA How sad for me..

Jeez it's late and the Dude and I are arguing about broccoli. I'm pretending to type a lot.