May 11, 2010

Maialino at Gramercy Park.

We started the night with a glass of Prosecco.

First course: Buffalo mozzarella that are raised on grass (not corn, like most livestock are nowadays) and prosciutto and other sliced, really amazing organic meats. White wine pairing (that was my favorite wine of the night).

Second course: On the left is a sweet bread salad with snap peas and a mint-ish vinaigrette. I had no clue what sweet bread was, but Chad explained that it is the thymus of a baby lamb. Yep. Then on the right is tripe in a red sauce. Tripe is the stomach of a farm animal. But these were also probably organic.. so that makes it okay? Or better? I don't know. Red.

Third course: A clam sauce, pretty basic. Over by Chad is hand-torn pasta in some sauce, I can't remember. And in the middle is a YUMMY ravioli-type thing. The way you eat it is you break it open and a gooey yolk runs out, emulsifying with the filling inside, creating the must succulent thing I have ever eaten. Delish. A red was brought out for this course that was made by some dude who's really picky about what grapes he chooses or something. There was a story to every bottle.

After the third course I went up to pee and definitely felt all the wine. Not to mention the plush pillows that were at the table that made you sinkkk into the meal.

Fourth course: In front of me is chicken, the most juicy chicken. Then there's parmesan roasted asparagus topped with a fried egg, which I can make no problem, but it was nice. Sugar snap peas cut on a bias (for whatever reason, maybe it's prettier) with bacon. Of course. Then Chad has a 6-hour roasted lamb topped with a scallion-family vegetable that's only available three weeks out of the year, on top of yummy yummy potatoes.

We are happy.

Fifth and final course: Oh dessert. Oh Chef Jason. Ohhhh. Clockwise, a blueberry tart with a cornmeal crust. Sweet cream affogato, which was my favorite because it's so simple. It's basically espresso poured over vanilla ice cream, but this ice cream was minus the vanilla. Near me is a gigantic chocolate truffle made with dark chocolate ice cream, rolled in chocolate shavings. And inside was a brandy soaked something, a cherry? Can't remember. The last one was Chad's favorite. A vanilla ricotta custard. It was absolutely amazing. Imagine the best vanilla ice cream without the pains of it being cold. Custard, smooth, like a cloud. Anddd rhubarb with the custard.

Chef Jason hooked Chad up because it was my first time eating there. It was seriously an amazing experience I would never have had if it weren't for Chad. I felt like a king.