May 09, 2010

Saturday was a much needed personal day. Did some shopping and went to the Asian grocery store, which was also much needed because I miss home (California, not The Motherland.. especially because I've never been to The Motherland) and I needed Korean food. I bought a cart load of food and the total always comes out much lower than expected, which is always a nice surprise.

Beau and John came over for dinner and brought Francis Ford Coppola wine and chocolates given to Andre by Whoopi Goldberg from the Manhattan Fruitier. The chocolate is shaped like little mice!

I made Thai food: mushroom and leek spring rolls with a peanuty dipping sauce and tofu masaman (curry). I don't have pictures of anything, but I also made a chocolate mousse and crumbled in the snickerdoodles I made the night before.. yeah.. Haha. The Dude loves chocolate mousse and I promised to make him some. We finished the night with watching the SATC Movie on mute and endlessly mocking the happenings on the screen.