A tip for all you ladies:

May 13, 2010


Silly me, I lost my travel toiletries and my make up bag in a cab somewhere. So, I had to get a new set of My Face. Needless to say, it was a pain in the butt trying to match/remember every color on my skin. Although, since I don't wear a lot of make up (or don't wear it often), it was fun shopping for new goods.

But if I were to give you any advice, I'd strongly urge you to write down exactly what you wear. Even if you use Rite-Aid/CVS stuff, write it down. I spent an hour at the Clinique counter trying to determine whether my skin looked too orange with this powder, or if the blush was the right shade of pink that I love. Thank goodness they had everything that I needed.

I guess if you aren't too picky about what goes on your face or don't wear a second face at all this doesn't apply, but I can't stress enough the important of good quality make up and soap and moisturizer... etc. It's girly, whatever. It's your face and your only face. It's what people see the most, it is your first impression. Anti-eye wrinkle cream at 22 isn't loco. Washing your face with hot water, then splashing it with cold when you're done is to keep it safe. Toner, moisturizer, night cream.. all necessary to stay looking healthy and not like a shiny, red-faced dirtball. I can do a whole post on hygiene and maintenance, but I won't.

So.. we're at Nordstroms.. and I can't help but walk around.. right? Right. Shoes.. eh. I have enough/what I need for now.. clothes.. eh. Oh wait, I love that dress. $. Then I remember I need a new scent, since my Ibiza Hippie is out and out of print. Don't like floral, don't like smelling like a forest.. then the new Balenciaga Paris scent. Heaven. $. Then. I walk over to the bags. To make a long story short: $.