To me, a productive Saturday

May 02, 2010

Yester-morning I spent an hour at the gym. Got home and made maple-pecan bars because The Dude has been on a "maple + pecan" kick lately. It's the weekend, I figure a little splurge on dessert wouldn't hurt nobody. For dinner I planned on making a red sauce with veggies and some white wine but had no crusty French bread. Instead of going to Eddie's and buying a baguette I thought, "Hm, I have yeast and flour.. I'll make my own." I pulled out a recipe I had and went for it.

What people don't know is that bread making is SO easy. I made a cinnamon raisin swirl loaf last week for The Dude's mom and I'm constantly making my banana bread for people (though that's not really bread in the sense that it doesn't call for yeast). Though, for some reason making French bread sounds scary.

So I did it. Of course, I added whole-wheat flour and produced two beautiful loaves of crusty bread. I don't know why I didn't take photos of any of it. It was probably because while I was being this domestic goddess I was also trying to write a paper. But it's not the last time I will make bread. There's something so satisfying about homemade bread.

Beau came over as I finished the bread and we had a glass of wine and caught up. I gave him half the batch of the maple-pecan bars because there is no way I am keeping 30 bars in my home or letting The Dude eat all of them. Alex also stopped by, which was a nice surprise.

Dinner was really yummy. I haven't made "regular" pasta in a long time. I made cheesy bread with my homemade bread and had that wonderfully crimson wine-y sauce with linguine.

To me, a productive Saturday.. though I missed seeing the love of my life's band play, I got Paper 1/3 done and I feel alright.