May 25, 2010

I'm always the first to wake up in the morning, so I shower, eat breakfast and read from my gigantic book. When I walk out to the common area, it's dark. Obv. So I walked over to the kitchen to turn on the light and notice something on the floor. I didn't have my contacts in yet and get down closer and it's... a DEAD MOUSE! What the heck/how disgustabugs. Jenae (roomie) thinks it ate poison and slowly came to it's death in the middle of the floor. I put a chair on top of the baby and left a note for the roomies since I was going out early to run errands. I do not understand how I didn't step on it when it's in my direct path to the light switch.

Jenae was talking to her boyfriend (who is always dissecting mice because he's a neuro-scientist at Hopkin$) and she mentioned that it was bleeding out of it's butt when she cleaned it up. He said that maybe someone stepped on it/WHAT IF I STEPPED ON IT?!