New York, the list version

May 23, 2010


Got to New York, moved in

Central Park with Beau


MOMA for the William Kentridge show & Marina Abramovic's on-going performance.
Okay, fuck the list for a sec. Marina Abramovic is a performance artist that mainly uses her body as her tool and is doing an on-going performance since mid-March and will finish May 31. To dumb it down, she sits in a square in MOMA with a chair opposite of her, maybe 8 feet away, and participants are allowed to sit with her for as long as they want, in silence. She will sit everyday, all day the museum is open. In looking at photos of the people that have sat with, I've seen Bjork, James Franco, Allan Rickman (Professor Snape, Harry Potter), Jennifer Carpenter (Deb in Dexter).. among soo many other people, students, critics, mothers, brothers.. and there are at least half a dozen people that go back to her every day.

In 1988, Marina Abramovic and her 13-year partner, lover, and collaborater came to a close in their friendship and relationship, so to end the journey, the each started at opposite ends of The Great Wall of China and after 30+ days, met in the middle. This is one of SO many performances (one including passing out in the middle of a gigantic burning pentagram and letting people carve a pentagram on her stomach), that has to do with pushing one's body and enduring. Endure. The Great Wall piece is so fucking beautiful, I can't take it. It's such an amazing symbol, metaphor, whatever for such an amazing relationship. It breaks my heart.

For all of you Sex and the City watchers, in Season 6, Alexsandr Patrovski takes Carrie to a gallery in the middle of the night where there is a woman sitting for two weeks (or something) without food. That is not Marina Abramovic in the flesh, but is based off one of the pieces entitled The House with the Ocean View.

It's weird because you read and study artists' work for years and years, but I have never been in the present for someone of Marina Abramovic's caliber. Sitting for half an hour, just watching her watch someone else was so.. something. Anyways, you can read her new biography. Back to the list.

Went to Julliard to watch Sean's recital.

2-hour girl talk with my new roomies.


Rain, rain, go away.

Pearl Paint in the rain rain.

William Kentridge film at the studios with class.

Pizza party.


David Barton gym.
Alright, breaking away from the list again. Went to the most amazing gym. Someone recently described it as a Castle, but it's in an old building and is filled with dim lights. I don't know what's so amazing about it, maybe it's the ambience of loud techno and the darkness. Want to know where all the cute guys are? Yep, except they're ALL gay. ALL. Beau said Anderson Cooper goes to that gym, so I'm creepily waiting for the day to jump on him while he's on the tread.

Chinese food and a movie with Beau.

Slumber party.


Woke up with Beau and went to 7am spinning.

My place, shower, breakfast, none of my roommates are awake.

Leave for the Strand Bookstore.

Lunch and groceries at Whole Foods.

A glee club in Union Square.

Took roomie to get her nipple pierced by Evan at Adorned.

Whit came by with a fluffy dog.


Subway mime?

Does this American Apparel mannequin look like me?

Went to HP Garcia Gallery in midtown to hear Mina Cheon speak. Brilliance.

Times Square at night. Cheese.

Olive Garden. Cheese. Disappointing. Never going back.


Matthew Barney's Cremaster Cycle's 4 & 5 at the IFC.

Chelsea ALL day.

All day.

Shake Shack with Beau and Tony for dinner.