Long day

May 29, 2010

I feel like my roommates feel weird about me. We get along great, but I get the sense that they think I'm a snob or something. Not because I've been acting snobby, but because I've been going out to hang out with friends (without them) and have been enjoying the city in different ways. Maybe snob isn't the right term. You tell me.

The morning started out with a talk with a gallery owner. He gave us (the class) the inner-workings of his gallery and how he works with artists. It was a strange getting-your-hopes-up kind of situation because he works in a way that no other gallery does. But it was wonderful.

Then we walked over the Brooklyn Bridge! Hayy. It's not as difficult as one would imagine. It was wonderful. We talked, walked, watched.. and it was such a lovely day. I've been hearing Baltimore has been too hot and California too cold. New York is just right :)

We poured into downtown and took a subway back to BK. Ugh. After a 40 minutes ride, we finally got to gallery no. 2, the Proteus Gowanus Gallery. It's tucked away in a really random, sort of ghost-like area. I had to dip early because I had evening plans with Beau and John.

I met them in Hells Kitchen for some Italian. Food, drinks, dessert. We saw the Rothko play "RED" at the Golden Theater. I will keep my opinions to myself.

As we were leaving the theater and heading deeper into Times Square, Beau and John were whispering about the woman in front of us. I had no idea who they thought she was, then she turns around and says, "Let's grab a taxi," and it's Rachel Weisz (Vice). What she was doing in Times Square with her parents (we assume), we will never know.

Out all day from 10:30 am to 11:00 pm. Tired, ready to bring Sunday into Saturday and have a long and relaxing weekend. Happy Memorial Day everyone. It's Fleet Week in New York, let's get me a sailor. Just kidding Dude :)