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September 08, 2010

Shopping for clothes is such a pain in the ass in 2010 because a Small is too big for me. I don't want to rant and rave that "oOo I'm too skinny that a small doesn't fit" because that's not the case. I think manufacturers and people that make clothes for the masses have adapted to the fact that the average size is above average, making small's into medium's and medium's into large. When I buy vintage clothes, I'm an 8. 8! How in the hell, then, does a small not fit? It's not fair that because the average girl is actually a large that I don't get to wear my small. And some places don't even offer an x-small. Is it right to let overweight girls feel "Okay" that they are a medium? When really they're a large or x-large?

I guess this wouldn't be a problem if I were a zillionaire and could afford to wear Chloe and everything TopShop or Dior or DVF, but I can't! I am the masses and I demand proper sizes for proper girls.