I've been thinking

September 22, 2010

about perfection. What is it to be perfect or to have something be perfect? My standards of something that is "perfect" is different than yours--maybe it's less perfect, maybe it's more. But doesn't "perfect" mean perfect?

[adj., n. pur-fikt; v. per-fekt]

1. excellent or complete beyond practical or theoretical improvement.
2. entirely without any flaws, defects, or shortcomings.
3. accurate, exact, or correct in every detail.

Sometimes, I feel like my idea of perfect is better or more perfect than other peoples (but that is because I am my mother's child). Without sounding like a complete ego-maniac, I can confidently say that I'm good at almost all things that come my way, and quickly. I do things quickly and I do them well. Again, that is because I am my mother's child.

But if someone else does a better, more perfect, job than me.. then it's not perfect. I hate the idea of something being more or less perfect, because then it's not perfect. Perfect is perfect.

I think I bring this up because I'm constantly disappointed by people's inability to fulfill my standards of what I think is perfect. Because if it's not up to my par, then it's not perfect. Maybe I need to let go of the fact that nothing is perfect. And I don't mean the type of perfection we look for in a flower or someone's face. I know you can tell me that "it's the imperfections that blah blah blah". Duh. I guess, in a broader sense.

I sound like a complete luny.

It's mostly about me being disappointed in people. And I feel like if I keep this attitude up, I'll constantly be disappointed. It's essentially my bad. Not their "imperfection".

I am not perfect.

Isn't God perfect? Or supposed to be. I miss that guy. According to Paulf, he misses me too.