Mm what to say

September 19, 2010

Right now, singing Gorilla Biscuits to myself, in my head.. but the slow jam version. What does that sound like? If you only knew..

The Dude and I went to New York Friday-Saturday. I did secret stuff and he did not-so-secret stuff involving his bicycle. He only rode for a day and spent Saturday with me and my fronz.

66Sick spot in Harlem. Made for The Dude. Seen on

Friday, Beau and I ate in Chelsea and I got the yummiest grilled pork chop with a red beet salad. It gave me indigestion and gas all night. He's been pretty exhausted with Fashion Week so we stayed in--Pinkberry and movies. When I go up to New York, I always bring gym clothes and running shoes. Even if I'm only in town for 30 hours, I go to the gymmy. This time, however, it wasn't just the gymmy, it was Soul Cycle. Apparently it's New York's newest and biggest craze. "Spritual cardiotherapy," "Cardio party," ".. as much of a go-to place as the Monkey Bar." Basically, it's a spinning class for yuppie Manhattan ressies that love New York and love working out.

Imagine: 60 stationary bikes in a studio in TriBeCa, so close together you can hug the person next to you. Dim lights, loud music, a completely steamy mirror that you can't see yourself in, an overtly energetic instructor on a mini-platform with her laptop to pump up the jams. It's all there. 45-minutes of a possible heart-attack if you take it there. The instructor, that I might have a steamy night with, encourages you and sings along to U2 and gets off the bike dancing through the isles, yelling at you to Take It There. And, to top it off: Empire State of Mind to remind you that you are living in New York City and there is nothing like it. Fists pump, hoots are hollered, and there's sweat. Lots of it. You could be riding next to Rihanna's agent, Kanye West, a supermodel, Wall Street's top dog, or Tonne Goodman's assistant.. but it doesn't matter.. because all there is in that room is sweat, music, and energy. That's how your Saturday morning is started.

How's that description? Hilarious? Except I'm not joking, at all! Hahaha I'm lucky to get to experience things like that in New York. It's so surreal and yet I feel at home, as if IF I lived in New York, one day, this would be my life.


Brunch in the West Village at the favorite spot, then off to Brooklyn.. womp womp. Familiar faces were seen, hung out with The Good Friend, then back to Baltimore. A little warmer, a little quieter, and a lot more comfortable.

Farmer's Market this morning, no yoga this week because.. and drinking coffee. Been sleeping better, but still, not the best. Missing a few people, knitting winter goods, and still cooking and baking. Life is so good. It's easy enough, and you've got a long time to live.

You don't know me.