September 04, 2010

The funniest, nerdiest dog in the world.

So this is Bobby. He doesn't like it when you stand behind him. He's scared of a lot of things.. like trash bags, water hoses, anything that makes a noise he's not familiar with. When he pees outside (away from the house) he does a hilarious foot kicking thing over and over, resulting in the person with his leash being covered in grass and dirt. He's really good at catching birds and squirrels and loves to bathe in the sun. He loves his "sister", our other dog, Jinju, and when she's lying down he makes sure to lie down with some sort of body part touching her. He's not good with new, unfamiliar foods. He piles all of the toys on top of each other because he's selfish. He pushes Jinju out of the way to get all of the attention, and when he gets realllly excited about something, he'll kind of nibble at your hand.