To die

September 28, 2010

No matter where I am in life, I can always count on the Dolce & Gabanna show to make me feel whole again. I think if people could describe themselves in one word (or designer), it'd be Dolce & Gabanna (and maybe Celine). My darling Beau would be Prada. Momma would be Marc Jacobs.

I love the gaudiness. I love the sophistication. I love the colors (or lack thereof). D&G was out of control, but I think a lot of young girls would like it. Florals, that picnic-y look that Urban Outfitters has every hip girl fit for. But ah, Dolce & Gabanna. You complete me.

My favorite looks.


And here's D&G in case anyone was confused as to what I was talking about.


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