I'll tell you some secrets

September 01, 2010

Many of you girlies shop at Forever 21. What you don't know is that a few people that came out of Forever 21 are now opening their own chain of stores that will soon hit your local mall within a year or two. They already have a dozen or two stores in California and it is a pretty good store.

Here's the thing with Forever 21: most of what you see at that store is manufactured in Los Angeles. It's hard to explain, but basically everything is available for buyers to purchase from vendors. The few people that came out of Forever 21 are doing their own thing with their own vision, from clothes from downtown Los Angeles, all of which are also available to buyers. My mother, who does purchasing for her own stores, can spot where these cute dresses are from and to my surprise in taking a peak at these new chain of stores is that I have a few of those pieces already, and many my mom has already ordered for her store, which will be arriving any day. It was fun walking around with my mother saying, "I want that," and her telling me she'll get it for me next week.

Except youuu don't know what store I'm talking about.

Since these people are coming out of Forever 21, I think the store will do well. It's less cluttered, purchased very well, their direction is clear and the merchandise is classy, simple, and solid. Although Forever 21 has been around for 25+ years, it's easy to say that I hate going in there because almost all of the buying is not my taste, at all. I think a lot of girls will find it refreshing to have a new place to shop that can offer a more adult style. No over-sized t-shirts coming off the shoulder with large prints or things with flowers and sequins and cut-outs.

What's even more interesting is that my uncle (who has a packaging business) is doing the packaging for these new chain of stores. So, not only do I get to have clothes at cost, but I can put my initials on the tag of every dress and soon all of you little girls will have a piece of me. Not only is it a great client to have, but as the store grows, my uncles business will also! Yay.

However interesting it is that I grew up in the downtown L.A. clothing world since I was little (because it is a huge Korean community), I do wish that my family was involved in Christian Louboutin manufacturing or Prada making/packaging or was The Yves Saint Laurent :)