Food v. Fashion

February 23, 2011

I find it odd when people don't spend money on food and drop twice a meal on clothes. I guess I can understand a girls need to shop and dress herself, but denying yourself of truly good food and luxuriously basking in that pleasure makes me feel bad for you. I consider myself food-obsessed and I can't expect that from everyone else, but eating is a level of satisfaction that can't be met with material things, and I would know, being quite material myself! It's there in front of you, and then it's gone. Sometimes, you can't even remember what it tastes like, but you know how you felt.

At the same time, food and fashion are kind of at opposite spectrums. Fashion (in a certain community) is of skinny-ninny's which could mean that food is not a big part of your life. But I imagine living, in America, like a French woman: a croissant (butter) and coffee in the morning, poisson and a salad in the afternoon, and a fabulous dinner with a huge glass of red wine.. all the while looking fabulous and fashionable.

When I grow up (haha) I want to do two things and only two things: eat the finest of foods and wear the yummiest of clothing and accessories, wherever that takes me in the world.