The Best Day Ever

March 21, 2009

so says the Dude about yesterday.

The Dude + The Dude's bf + The Dude's gf = A pretty damn good day.

The Dude and I took the train down to DC. We met the Dude's best friend there (who has the same name as the Dude) and the two of them got some siq ink from Mr. Koeplinger. I finally got to meet Chad's girlfriend, who is more beautiful and sweeter than I imagined. It's strange how after eight months of hearing about somebody, you meet them and it's as if you've known them for months.

After five hours at the shop and the largest slice of pizza I've ever seen, we went back to Baltimore with the Dude's bf. Then we three went to see The Cro-Mags at the Ottobar.

OD, as usual. But I'd have to say, it was a pretty good day.