March 17, 2009

A friend of my parent's opened a Japanese fusion restaurant in the area a few weeks ago and they have been raving about it since. We went last night as an early celebration from my mom's birthday and it was a-mazing.

When my parents favor a restaurant, they also favor a table. There are five tables that have "lounge" seating, which just means they have couches instead of chairs. My parents always reserve the one right in the middle. Since my dad had been there before, I left the ordering to him. I think we ordered about six dishes and ten or eleven showed up on the table. The owner lady kept coming to our table and suggesting dishes and sending out different things. The Dude knows I'm a salad girl, and they had The Best Caesar salad I've ever had.

The thing with Korean people: When it comes time for the bill, there is always a brawl. I've seen my dad play tug-of-war with his friends with the check. When the waitress brought over the bill, he pretty much pushed away the owner lady from trying to give us a free $200 meal. She also mentioned that she heard that my dad isn't easy to hook up, if that makes any sense.

I love rolling with my parents.

Today was optometrist day. I got a new prescription and new glasses. While trying on over two dozen different glasses, I almost thought I was going to have to leave with the same old pair, but then she pulled out three beautiful black boxes: DITA. I don't know why I wasn't shown these before. There were 36 fresh, never-been-worn frames. My mom has been coming to this guy in downtown Los Angeles for yearss, as have I, with her. I didn't think they carried DITA because it was never displayed. Had I known, I wouldn't have spend $$$ at that damn place in Costa Mesa.