Rain Rain Go Away

March 19, 2009

I left 80 degree weather for 45 degree rainy weather.

My stay in California was too short. Three full days and two half days is not enough to spend time with my family and the people that I love. It's to the point where I can't tell anyone I'm home for fear of disappointment. But I went for my momma's birthday, which turned out great, so I guess that's all that matters.

Natalie brought some of her friends from Austin with her, so I met that at Roman's during their dinner. I got downtown and didn't understand why there were hundreds of people and absolutely no parking. Then I realized I was sending Chase Happy Birthday wishes earlier that morning and that Chase's birthday falls on St. Patrick's Day. I don't think I've ever celebrated St. Patrick's Day the way "normal" people do. Everyone was dressed in green and some went as far as dressing up as lepricauhns. The only upside to going downtown Tuesday night was seeing Becky for a minute, and seeing Connie, who I haven't seen since high school, maybe even before that. She looks the same and I was surprised she even recognized me, as most people I went to high school with freak out when they see me.

The flight to Baltimore was good. A very strange Russian mathematician sat next to me and was snoring and drooling in my direction. There was also this guy I recognized from my flight to LA. I distinctly recognized him because I thought he could possibly be a drag queen. Just the way his eyebrows were done and his manner.. I kind of had a hunch. But after watching RuPaul's Drag Race, you never know.

The Dude picked me up from the airport and we went to Carroll Park right after since it was 65 degrees out. It was the first time I saw Andrew since _________. He seems the same.