Moon Shoes

March 31, 2009

The Dude starts asking me if I remember a platform that you put your shoe on and strap into, that is held up by industrial strength rubber bands that are attached to a hollow oval.. thing that you bounce with. We figure out they're called Moon Shoes so I YouTubed them. He was SO excited when we were watching the commercial.

Haha he remembers little details like not being able to jump that high or they would "bottom out"* and how they'd always go sideways so your ankles would break? Bahaha what a weirdo. But it's cute.

"I got them shits as soon as they came out."

*So. I put "bottom out" in quotes and the Dude says something like, "Why'd you put it in quotes? It's a legitimate term. Have you never heard of bottoming out? You're fucked." I just figured it was something he said. So he tells me to Google it, so I do.

He had The Funniest expression when he saw the results. This is why I love him and why I am always laughing.

Oh the Dude.