September 08, 2009

There have been rumors about the sequel to Boondock Saints for years and I was beginning to not think it was going to happen. My brother somehow got tickets to a "special screening" in Irvine, but "lost his tickets" so that's when I really thought that it was a rumor. Thennn he showed me this trailer and now I'm just disappointed. It's going to be another Shoot 'Em Up or something outrageous. Being "a Saint" was soo cool. Now it's just cheesy.

Let's not forget to mention Sean Patrick Flannery's over-botoxed/face-lifted face. Maybe it's cliche to call anything "selling out" anymore, but Troy Duffy is a fucking sell out, trying to make a big buck. And it's going to happen because for a movie that never came out in theaters, it's HUGE and freakishly rad.